I studied graphic design at the University of Illinois.  In 1981 I began working as an illustrator, using a variety of media, including airbrush, pen and ink and watercolor.  In 1987 I purchased a Macintosh computer and within a couple of years, all of my illustration work was computer generated.  I began painting in the summer of 1994 as a way of getting back to the processes and handwork that attracted me to art in the first place. I painted a series of caricature portraits of some of my favorite entertainers, athletes and other heroes. My work is now evenly divided between digital and traditional media.

My clients include the Chicago Tribune, Sports Illustrated, the City of Chicago, and the Chicago Cubs.  I recently created a series of paintings of Illinois writers for Chicago's Department of Public Art. Many of the painting projects I work on are self-generated large scale public art pieces for schools, churches or other public places.

My influences have always been early to mid 20th century illustrators, caricaturists and muralists. I love the work of the cubists and the Italian futurists as well as the poster artists and muralists of the WPA.
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